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Life Anew

Starting over is difficult. But as the adage goes, it’s necessary to take two steps back before taking two steps forward. Change has a sour taste. You will

Empty Hands

If raised eyebrows greet you when you express gratitude to others, you are not alone. Relatives may scoff at you when you express thanks to family members who

Boundless Sky

As children, many of us wonder where the sky ends. The answer to that is that it does not. The first man stepped on the moon. The ancient

Ride the waves

  Life is in constant flux, and nothing ever stays static. We can choose to move along with the current, or resist it and get washed over. Change

Still Waters

An old ditty described peace as flowing like a river. That is only one element of the concept. I add to this and say that it should also

A package for me

“We don’t forgive people because they deserve it. We forgive them because they need it—because we need it.” ― Bree Despain, The Dark Divine Bree Despain, who wrote

The misunderstood muse

Blogging is a thrilling profession with infinite possibilities, yet many people have misconceptions about it. A blogger is a truly a misunderstood muse. Though many bloggers take blogging


Being myself. This is constant fodder for thought. Everyone wonders about the person they would have become if they had no personal or financial attachments. Many think that

Dear Mr Alcohol

Dear Mr Alcohol You spin The clouds Of the gentle waves Spinning them Into some far Galaxies Thunders reach The loving soul He falls on the stairs The

Games that Please

Games that Please I know just how with so much ease I could get hooked on games that please The gambling spirit in my soul. All it would

Along the Trail

Along the Trail You’ve been a patient girl, my furry friend, Asleep there at my feet throughout the day. And now it’s time for us to go and

I Stalk the Serengeti

I Stalk the Serengeti I stalk the Serengeti in the heat Of day.  The distance shimmers – misty shapes Upon the edge of vision.  Strength escapes My muscles,

An Insolent Crow

An Insolent Crow Hey, Crow!  You stalk along as if you own The place as far as beady eyes can see; You look for worthy food, ignoring me,

Silent Deer

Silent Deer Clear tracks across the snow outline the path Deer followed, as they foraged through the night; You rarely see them when the sun is bright. But

Shepherd Girl

Shepherd Girl Tail wagging, gentle eyes shining, You were a shepherd girl for us. “Her owner said he might want her back After she has this litter, her

The Sibilant ‘Yesss!’

The Sibilant ‘Yesss!’ The sibilant ‘Yesss!’ is a sound I abhor When playing a game; it’s pure gloating, and more. The person who uses it’s out there to

A rock and a hard place

“Everything happens for a reason, and part of that beauty of life is that we’re not allowed to know those reasons for certain.” ― Aron Ralston, Between a