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Hitting the Road

Introduction Hitting the Road is a young adult story about a girl on the brink of adulthood and her quest to find her younger brother’s father. Krissy hasn’t

The Family Vacation

Introduction On a family vacation to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania some strange things happen to a young girl. Things that she not dare tell anyone. This is the story of

The Red Dress (Excerpt)

August, 1971 Sandra came back from the hallway, where she’d been talking on the phone. Her face was lit up with excitement and she could barely contain herself.

Up to Standard

Prologue Exacting standards can drain. Pressing others to conform to rigorous or unreasonable demands can lead to rifts in relationships. While we do what we can to conform

The Hatchet Man

Summer after summer the campers had heard the same spooky stories and for some of them they were losing their charm. For new campers they were frightening and