Horror Archive

The Hatchet Man

Summer after summer the campers had heard the same spooky stories and for some of them they were losing their charm. For new campers they were frightening and

The Haunted Camp Cabin

Two girls were hiking when they got lost in the woods and they stumbled upon a children’s camp. They asked if they could spend the night and find

The Swamp Ghost

The camp was surrounded by a meadow on one side which the campers used for different games of tag and Frisbee, a forest directly behind the cabins and

The Grasping Hand

Camp Blue Moon stood by Lake Winnie and it held a terrible secret. The camp had been built on top of an old cemetery and the spirits would

The Glowing Skull

In the early 19th century legend has it that there was once a baron called Baron Lutz. Baron Lutz had a reputation for being an arrogant and evil

The Hand of Death

The night was stormy and the rain came down heavy. Cindy couldn’t see where she was going and decided to tell her husband that it was time to

House with a Curse

How she wished her husband wouldn’t insist on it but he did. Neil was a real estate agent who was always up for a challenge. When he heard

Cabin by the Woods

Becky was not a happy camper this year. She had become 10 years old in the spring and it meant that she would be assigned to one of

The banana grave

Trees with dark, green leaves blanketed the dense forests of Kukup, Peninsula Malaysia. Vast banana plantations, lined with large-leaved trees, defined the area.  Their fronds, resembling bony fingers,