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The Birdbath

The heat’s oppressive; sweat drips down my face Although I sit in shade beneath some trees. No sign of movement, not a tiny breeze To cool the air


Chickadee Chickadee flitting through the leafless trees, Singing a song with some chirps and some ‘dees’, Looking for buds, for some berries and seeds – There’s not much

Poem: the mountains

The mountains Never spoke dad Their shoes to the ground Their chin in the air Their skin tough Just like a sauce pan The mountains Never spoke dad

A New Life

  A New Life The loneliness gets you With no one to talk to, No good morning smile when you wake; A chasm, a hole In your heart

The Muse

The Muse The muse reveals herself , not when I ask, But when she deems the time to speak is right. It could be in the middle of

Poem: Waves at home

  Waves at home My boat was sailing Gliding away on life Just a kite in the sky The sun a friend The sky a nice coat Adopting

Deep Furrows

” Now I understand what you’re trying to say to me, how you  suffered for your sanity…..” Van Gogh is a man who has indeed suffered enormous trauma.

Poem: The sun had warmth

The sun had warmth In the kitchen Of the Universe Where like mum She stands with The recipes of the eyes Loving every soul Loving every atom Bouncing

Poem: The Diary

The Diary April 29, 2016 The diary is a book of memories but also my confidante I turn to it when I need to share stories of the