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A Gathering of Haiku

A gathering of haiku is a quick read. The poetry form is a fun and actually- ancient, Japanese-style structure- three lines only.  Five then seven and then back


A rut seems trivial, but like quicksand, can suck you in. When you become used to daily routines and actions, it is difficult to change them, even if

A Desert Drained

  The words “I have nothing left to give” is familiar rhetoric. Everyone is familiar with feeling like a desert, dry and parched. It creeps upon you when

Yellow Dwarf Star

Yellow Dwarf Star Burning yellow star– eight minutes for its rays to reach the blue planet   Note: I have soft spot for haikus. My first haiku I

Haiku: Road trips

Life line  – A Haiku this ribbon of road- pavement sparkles in the sun my life line to you Rush hour- A Haiku time is so supreme can’t