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Poem: the mountains

The mountains Never spoke dad Their shoes to the ground Their chin in the air Their skin tough Just like a sauce pan The mountains Never spoke dad

Poem: Waves at home

  Waves at home My boat was sailing Gliding away on life Just a kite in the sky The sun a friend The sky a nice coat Adopting

Deep Furrows

” Now I understand what you’re trying to say to me, how you  suffered for your sanity…..” Van Gogh is a man who has indeed suffered enormous trauma.

Poem: The sun had warmth

The sun had warmth In the kitchen Of the Universe Where like mum She stands with The recipes of the eyes Loving every soul Loving every atom Bouncing

    As a devoted pet owner, I’m often asked why I prefer the company of dogs to people. The answer to that is straightforward. Dogs accept you as

A Chink in the Armor

All of us have protective veneers. There is no question that kindness disarms us and opens us up to being hurt. People do take it as an opening