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A Love So True

FraukeFeind / Pixabay They had a love so true never would they be blue. Sweet kisses and I love you’s from morning until close of day. A love

We fell in love

Hello we are together In the winds of tonight Thinking about each other How we fell in love In the winds of tonight Hello we are together I

Love was walking

  Love was walking Towards two people They just happen to be us The universe is so clever Nobody knows the secret How two eyes hug each other

Just You and I

When to the heavens you and I fly we find a place to fantasize among the stars that light up the sky to swing on the tip of

Tender Caresses

With light fingertips, barely touching your caress weaves a glow about me behind glassed mirrors dark shadows threaten caresses so very mild banish them and make them go

Falling in Love

The world changed before her eyes there were wonders she had never seen before the days were brighter and the nights more magical she had never seen the

Together Forever

Let’s come together just you and I for a moment to be just silently side by side   we’ve shared so many years and there have been tears