Halloween Adventure

ESD-SS / Pixabay

When you’re old enough to go out with your friends
It’s the very best adventure
But just when you are old enough, depends
And is a debatable conjecture

Young witches, vampires and 4 foot ghosts
Look out into the darkest of nights
Zombies are trees , and monsters just posts
But you’re way too grown-up for frights

It’s so exciting, you’re right on top
You are thrilled with every new call
“Trick or treating” should never stop
But some houses do make you stall

They’re creepy and scary and you all want to turn
And go to a much friendlier place
Until you see that Jack-o-lantern
So you stay on with a very brave face

As you slowly advance up that path of fear
You wonder if you’re right in the head
Then, as you reach the porch you begin to hear
Eerie music- are these neighbours dead?

You slowly approach and knock at the door
And then to your utter dismay
A monster hand shoots out from the floor
And offers a candy display

So now none is as brave as they were before
But determined, you finish the plight
And trick or treat just a little bit more
Although nervous, you fight this dark night

And as the wolf howls, and the witches cackle
You resolve  there’s something you’d rather
And it’s  not to repeat this scary debacle-
But next year -trick or treat with your father!

A Halloween Adventure is  sometimes not all it’s scared up to be. When you’re still young it can be a place you may not want to be for long.

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