Hello Dad

My father
Bought me a house
I called it earth
It had only
One bedroom
Full of open space
No windows
No walls

Free movement
Of my eyes and legs
Admiring what it is
All about

I had no vocabulary
No pens
No pencils
Just me and my soul
In a very silent world
Living without escalators
Living with fresh atoms

Hello Dad
That must have
Been horrible
Not seeing
Forks and knives
Roads or supermarkets
Bathrooms and toilets
Living with unsophisticated atoms
Hello Dad evolution

Let me get my
Bearings right
I now have
Through my
Birth certificate
A crop for my passport
A land defined for me
Where I can sit and play
Safely in a growing culture
All held by a government
To give us a quality of life
We all work for together
Supporting the vulnerable
Making an enabling environment
By supporting individual needs

Hello Dad
Mum rules the house
A different jungle here
You buy her the fashion
She reads magazines
She watches television
Her head spins on the phone
The house blows the budget
She cries her tears
I love you Hubby she says
She joins you to work

The debt is paid
The banks are happy
Home sweet home
Hello Dad


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