Hey brother

geralt / Pixabay

geralt / Pixabay

Hey brother
What are you thinking

Hey sister
About life
It weighs more
Than a kilogram
I need some
Eggs and flour
To make a cake
Out of it

Hey sister
Do you get me
What God has done
There is one
Big school on earth

Hey brother
I like your mind
It is professional
It is cool
Give it to the people
It rocks

Hey sister
Be serious
I am having an
Explosion of brain cells

This learning
Is about us
Every age has
A rainbow
We interact with
The earth
Trying to feed
Us all

If you are hungry
Day in day out
That culture
Is in misunderstanding

Hey brother
I like your hands
Working for humanity

Hey sister
Guns bombs
And bullets
That is rocket tension
Bad words and fighting
That is graves upside down
That is mince meat of life

Hey sister
Don’t get me wrong
Little fights
For a few seconds
Is fine
No blood no tension
The eyes can hug that
God can jump over that

Hey brother
I like your motto
Feed the world first
That is what mums do
Why should Dad open the fridge
Let him do the shopping
Keep the factories
And farms for the fridge
God can jump over that

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