Like fish and swans

kolibri5 / Pixabay

Like fish and swans
I sail in this world

Floating on faith
Says my swan
On blue waves of sunshine

Not drowning in faith
Says my fish

Rivers of faith sing out
Calling is the ocean
Welcoming is the ocean

Unknown to the eyes
Of the soul
He becomes one
Never more tired
Never more fooled

I met my master
The tailor of this world
In the cycle of birth and death
The earth was a trust to us

I met my master
I found my eternal thirst
Yes mum
There is peace on earth
The swan said so
I dip my neck to my fish
He is alive and well

The fish said so
I pop my head out
My swan my friend
He is well in his world

The light catches us both
Like a warm blanket
The soul is happy

Every type of guitar came
Not a cry in site
Not a ear bursting tears
Not an eye bursting voices

No soldiers in this dream
No guns in this dream
No fear marches in this dream

The rivers all came to
One grand ocean of love

Like fish and swans
I sail in this world



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