Loving Promise of the Daffodil

Loving Promise of the Daffodil …

loving promise

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On days of darkness when I have no will,
And the pain of loss once again grabbed hold,
All night memories of him linger still,
I go within to silence tears of old,

Here I listen to the voice of my soul,
To the loving promise of the daffodil,
I see them gathered under a lovely tree,
I hear them sing their loving promise to me.

“Yes, dear heart, your loved one is gone,
His love will hold you up and stay with you,
Know that you will never feel alone,
When you remember the glory of eternity.

The love you shared and memories of days bygone,
Will forever be with you, for the love is true,
So embrace the memories and love in serenity,
For, you will be together all eternity.”

I stepped out of the car on that dismal dreary day,
To go see my beloved brother for one last time,
His spirit had already departed, but I had to pray,
Beside him with my hand on his, brother of mine.

I hesitated, not wanting to make it a final way,
To see that you were really gone, brother of mine,
You were my hero, my protector, my big brother,
When I was in trouble you were there, no other.

I touched your shoulder, looked upon your peaceful face,
And remember the loving promise of the daffodil,
I wish we were back in childhood in our favorite place,
Yet, it was not to be, we are here at death’s call still.

We will be together forever in eternity’s embrace,
Where love lives on, a promise fulfilled,
I sense your spirit, I know you are near,
I love you and pray for your peace brother dear.

© 2017 Phyllis Doyle Burns

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