Mum gives a smile

Mum gives a smile
Her chicken is born
The egg is broken
The feet are out
Into the letter box
Of the world
A nine month
Postage stamp as well
What a lovely cost

Mum gives a smile
I wish Dad could do this
O don’t give them funny ideas
We need them as they are
Just allow them
To push the pram
So they feel proud husbands
Let them know
Darling once in a life time
Babies grow up soon
With wings for the world
Our “L” plates are on
We are skating parents
Alright call your mum
Alright call your sisters
And the child nurses
Just to boost your
Trembling skeleton

Mum gives a smile
George babies are not aliens
You danced
Your love in me
By God’s magic
Here we are
With a little duck
In the pond of our home
Don’t be shocked
To share your love now
More hours for the baby
More washing
More cleaning
For us

Mum gives a smile
Now don’t clip your nose
You are a nappy expert
Of course
The security guard too
Hearing the universe cry
Jumping like an ambulance
Warming up tons of milk
So the princess can sleep
Hey Dad you look fried

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