Palm Trees Forever

Palm trees forever is a light-hearted and fun look at almost everyone’s secret desire to live on a tropical island. However mine would be  a large island that was populated and very modern with restaurants, waiters, massage therapists, great hotels and even a bit of shopping.

Palm trees forever

OpenRoadPR / Pixabay

(And if  that’s not to your taste -get your own daydream- this is mine.)

Palm Trees Forever: Poem

Wherever there are palm trees
Is where I want to be
Like a never-ending holiday
With nothing but sea to see

Of course, you won’t feel like staying
So I’ll end up quite alone
Strolling pristine beaches
And texting on my iPhone

I’ll lie beneath the awning
Of those riffling palm tree fronds

That sway in wistful breezes                                                                                        

Palm trees forever

tpsdave / Pixabay

From early morning until dawn

And I’ll swim in blue lagoons by day
Drink Coladas every night
Cause down by Montego Bay
Is my little heart’s delight

And I will stay down there forever                                                                              

Palm Trees Forever

anji888 / Pixabay

Or at least till I miss you
So while those palm trees sway
Looks like you and I are through

Yet in the distant future
I might come knocking on your door
It’s simply hurricane season, dear
The time I’ll love you more

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