Poem: April Fools Day Proposal

Ring | Image by Lena Kovadlo

Ring | Image by Lena Kovadlo

April Fools Day Proposal
Written April 1, 2016

He came up with a proposal
That he thought would be fun.
He would ask her to marry him,
There under the sun.

He took out the box
And went down on his knee.
When he opened it up
There was nothing to see.

She burst into tears
And the trouble began,
As right at that moment
She slapped him again.

She snatched up the box,
Threw it into the bay,
And then she replied,
“I will be on my way.”

She threw out the box
Without checking it through.
The ring was inside it,
Just hidden from view.

That’s what he told her,
And when she found out,
She couldn’t believe it,
And started to shout.

She ran toward the water,
Saw the box float away.
She was ready to jump,
Jump right into the bay.

And that’s when he caught her
And said, “April Fools.
Baby this was a prank
That I thought would be cool.

That box had no ring
But this red box does.
Oh girl will you marry me?
I hope you’ll say yes!”

He took out the box,
And there sitting inside,
Was a big diamond ring
He was trying to hide.

She found herself speechless,
Didn’t know what to say.
She wanted to say yes
But decided to play.

“You’re in big trouble mister.
And my answer is I don’t,
I don’t want to marry you.
Take that as you want.”

The shock on his face,
The sadness, the tears,
It was priceless to her.
She said, “April Fools dear.”

And then she kissed him,
And said “Yes, I do!
I will marry you baby.
Spend my whole life with you.”

So there you have it,
On this April Fools Day,
A fun story for you
Sure to brighten your day.

© 2016 by Lena Kovadlo


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