Poem: baby where are you

Zienith / Pixabay

andresantanams / Pixabay

Baby where are you
You look little
When the Lord calls you
For a prayer
For the world we live in

He wants your heart
To ask for your blessings
To ask for our blessings
To ask for world blessings
He wants your feelings

Baby where are you
You look little
He has trust in you
In the simple words
In the lamp of blessings
Going to all eyes
Around the world

Baby where are you
Stand up as a light house
In the waves of life
We just need you
Saddle your blessings
Gallop to your heart
Gallop to our heart
The Lord has a bag
Full of blessings
We need to ask

Baby where are you
Be kind to your soul
Bring a prayer from your eyes
They both look beautiful
God has all the ears
Anytime of the day
Anytime of the night
The blessings are yours

Baby where are you
You have to grow high
God is waiting
By your simple prayers
Give his penny to charity
Give his kind word in charity
Give his hand in charity
Give his ear in charity
Give his love to your soul
There you go feel blessed

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