Poem: Letting Go of the Past

Image by Lena Kovadlo

Image by Lena Kovadlo

Letting Go of the Past
April 9, 2016

When I sit there, hit rewind
Tears of regret, they leave me blind
These painful memories remind
Of past mistakes I wish I’d find
A way to make my life defined
Not by the past mistakes that grind
Or by the things I left behind
That made my life seem so unkind
But by the triumphs now unconfined
And by the love that has entwined
My broken heart that had resigned

So, no more will I hit rewind
And think about the things that grind
My past I’ll try to put behind
Start fresh, anew, and just unwind
Giving myself a peace of mind
That future days can be refined
And life can be one of a kind

 © 2016 by Lena Kovadlo

Another writing challenge to write a poem from a list of words and an interesting one at that because all the words in the list rhyme. Unwind, blind, behind, entwined, rewind, find, defined, remind were the words. When I started writing this poem I did not plan on making these words the last words of a line because that would have been the obvious thing to do and I’d run the risk of making it seem like I rhymed for the sake of rhyming. But as I started editing my already written few lines that didn’t rhyme, ideas started coming to me in a different way and this turned into a rhyming poem, which actually sounds catchy and not forced at all. I am proud of this piece and I think it is emotional and inspirational.

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