Poem: Lost in a Love Dream

Lost in a Love Dream | Image by Lena Kovadlo

Lost in a Love Dream | Image by Lena Kovadlo

Lost in a Love Dream
March 22, 2016

A quilted blanket on the grass
A picnic basket filled with wine
You’re lying there with your crush
Hands interlaced, your lips entwined

With every luscious kiss you taste
The grapes’ sweet juices overflowing
And deep within your heart it melts
Your eyes and smile now are glowing

Birds chirp away melodic tunes
Rainbows of butterflies surround
And there you are lost in a dream
A dream where you at last have found

What you have longed for for so long
A love that is so true and pure
A lasting love that never dies
One that will always be the cure

For lonely days and sleepless nights
For every challenge, every scheme
For every fall, for every fight
For every dream you dare to dream

© 2016 by Lena Kovadlo

This poem was written for a writing challenge where a list of eight words had to be used in a poem. These words were: butterflies, birds, grapes, wine, sweet, picnic, blanket, grass, love, crush. This started out as a short verse and then morphed into a poem of what I feel are many beautiful and moving stanzas that will hopefully put a smile on your face and brighten your day.

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