Poem: Scars

Scars | Image by Lena Kovadlo

Scars | Image by Lena Kovadlo

March 24, 2016

Alone, sitting on the cold floor of her room
Ready to stop the pain in her heart
She takes the long blade from her pocket
Ready to glide it across her arms

As her eyes pass over her exposed scars
She thinks back on her past battles
And realizes her life won’t be any different
If she lets that blade ice skate across her skin

The only way her life will morph into something better
Is if she becomes a fighter ready to win
Ready to win over her sorrows and fears
And recapture the hope that once existed in her heart

It takes every ounce of willpower
To throw the blade across the floor
But new scars still form
The kind of scars that exist in her mind
And are invisible to the naked eye

© 2016 by Lena Kovadlo

This poem was written for another daily writing challenge. Words that needed to be used in a poem were: scars, blade, battle, fighter, alone, pain, future, hope.

This poem was inspired by someone I know and by those people who are strong enough to realize that harming themselves is not the answer to their problems…

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