Poem: Taking Chances Is a Must

Mountains Image by Lena Kovadlo

Mountains Image by Lena Kovadlo

Taking Chances Is a Must
July 7, 2016

An email from a stranger came to me one day
I stared at my computer screen not knowing what to say
I wondered if I even should reply to him at all
I felt there was no use in trying as I’d only fall
But then I thought nothing to lose so wrote my reply
And since that day a bit over two years have gone by
With us being together and growing stronger too
I’m glad I took the chance and wrote him a few
Since now I am no longer alone and oh so blue
Because I found a love that’s genuine and true
I’ll be forever grateful that he is in my life
Because in part he saved me from my internal strife
And there is no one else I’d want here next to me
To always stand beside me, to love me, set me free
And now I see that taking chances is a must
For without that my life will just turn into dust
And I will not succeed or be completely free
And there will always be an emptiness in me

© 2016 by Lena Kovadlo. Use with permission only.

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