Poem: the mountains

fxxu / Pixabay

The mountains
Never spoke dad
Their shoes to the ground
Their chin in the air
Their skin tough
Just like a sauce pan

The mountains
Never spoke dad
Yes son they have no age
Just older than grandfathers
They have seen life
Pass by
What an education
They hold in their brains

The mountainsĀ 
Never spoke dad
Dad how can they have brains
Son we are just using expressions
We try to put human life
To see how it fits in
It makes us more relaxed
OK dad talk to natureĀ 

The mountains
Never spoke dad
Yet the heart runs to them
Yet the feelings find wisdom
He has no noise
He has meditation
For centuries the same bells
The animals
The birds
They all bring a hello
To this grand fellow
Must be nice from the skies
To fly to grand dad

The mountains
Never spoke dad
God makes him strong
God makes us to see him
Do you see the structure
How can we go behindĀ 
This meaning
The doors of God
Don’t talk we search
His beauty out

The mountains
Never spoke dad
Mum would be scared
To climb his kitchen
But man has ladders
In his boots
He is full of soul


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