Poem: when I had a smile

luxstorm / Pixabay

fr_golay / Pixabay

When I had a smile
I could do everything
Birds were smiling
Stones were happy

When I had a smile
O my eyes
You were beautiful
Everyday talking to me
In the voice of heaven

When I had a smile
O my eyes
We could share the world
Children could be perfect
Parents could be trees
Climbing on them
Fruits would fall
In the heart everyday

When I had a smile
Teachers would teach
We would know the world
We would say not to worry
Every problem has an answer
Every road is gifted for good

When I had a smile
People would run to me
Prayers were on time
God was peaceful everyday
Charities went on time
Food was served
Nobody was hungry

When I had a smile
The world broke it
The world upset it
Into wars
O my pain
O my bones
Why do you cry
When blood is about

When I had a smile
The heart is broken
The eyes are broken
This is not right
The way the drums of war
Play out on human life
The green leaves have no air

When I had a smile
My shoes were locked
They could not bounce
The basketball
The baseball
The football
O my pain


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