Poem: You can’t take it away

kangheungbo / Pixabay

lichdinhtb / Pixabay

You can’t take it away
The Lord has made his world

You can’t take it away
By fighting it away
When his hands are kind
His souls are kind
There is love in the air
That is how he flies his world
He comes with his angels
Every baby born
Carries his love

You can’t take it away
Years will go by
The Lord will win
Over what he has made
Love will follow your heart
That is a promise he gives
We will cry we were wrong
Fighting has to go
Fighting has to sleep
The world is green
The heaven is green
Follow your feelings
Over what the Lord has made
You will share your love
You will be kind to the world
The mountains will come to you
The rivers will sing to you
The fish will play with you
The moon will come to you
So much love for his world
Takes us to the universe
Just to the hands of the Lord

You can’t take it away
Your soul has to see so much
Fighting is no way to see so much
The Lord is in your eyes
Make your self kind


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