Projection-A Six Sentence Story


dankreider / Pixabay

Melinda clutched her song book to her chest, her knees almost buckling as her teacher, Miss Thompson, stood in front of the choir. 

“This year’s Choral Idol competition will take place again,” she looked meaningfully at the timid Melinda and the Selena, the choir’s Soprano Section Leader, who glowed with confidence. “I’m sending in Selena and letting Melinda try it out,” she stated amid a chorus of chortles, “though she still needs help with projection.”
Melinda looked at her buxom, long-haired co-competitor and let out a groan, knowing that she could never trump Selena’s attractiveness.
She stood onstage on the day of the talent quest, nearly mute as she stared at the judgmental sea of faces giving her disapproving looks.
Then, the magic happened – the frowns etched on those faces pushed an unseen button, and the first note filled the stage.
The trophy was Selena’s at the end of the competition, but Melinda led the Sopranos from then on.

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