Temptation at the Supermarket



I walk the supermarket aisles

With list and shopping cart,

And all along the taste beguiles;

I must be strong and smart.


The produce picks are well displayed,

The veggies in array

Are what I need. I haven’t strayed

From this, my list, today.


The next department overflows

With chicken, pork and beef.

I’ve walked ‘most half the market rows,

No ‘extras’: such relief


To realize that my shopping spree

Still  sticks to what I wrote

Upon the paper. You’d agree

This is a day of note.


When all at once I round the turn

And see before me spread

The aisle that many people spurn;

And I’m not talking  ‘bread’,


But rather sweets and cookies there.

The packages all beckon,

Their tasty goods forbidden fare;

Now is the time to reckon


And swift decide to choose, or not,

A yummy little treat.

My weakness shows; resolve is shot.

And I admit defeat.








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