The Crowd : A Six Sentence Story



What do most of us do when others expect them to do something? We say yes, of course.

In whatever situation we find ourselves, others have expectations of us. We try to live up to these needs, but they crowd us in. The story below shows what happens when we try too hard to satisfy everything that others want from us.

This is a little reminder to rein ourselves in when we find ourselves over-extended.

The Crowd

George was a yes-man who loved to please everyone around him. He said yes to his wife when she wanted his help with buying groceries, his boss when he needed a miscellaneous document and his children when they wanted new toys.

He was strolling along the street that led to his home after a day of hard work, and turned at the familiar  corner that led to his home.  His boss, wife and children, with dark, demonic orbs staring out of sunken sockets, greeted him with pale faces.

A merciless crowd, they gathered round him, chanting in unison, “George, could you? George, could you?” as he cowered, shivering to the ground. Still crouched, he got out of bed with a blank, lifeless stare and muttered, “Yes, I will. Yes I will. “


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