We are friends

geralt / Pixabay

We are friends
Everybody was

Waving their
Good byes to me
Sending me
Into the unknown

Was I to cry
I was a paper
Of love
With a message
Locked in the bottle
Hoping I don’t drown

I was sailing
Without any control
God was my master
God was my prayer

The fish and the sharks
Came to taste me
They only broke
Their teeth
Trying to chew me
Without tomato ketchup

My coat was dynamite
They could not smile
On this meat

Then a dolphin
Came along
What a kind buddy
He was
Took me without
A ticket on
A piggy bank ride

No seat belts
In the laws
Of the ocean
Miles and miles
Of blue surfing

The eyes felt loved
I felt like a prince
In this wild rural jungle

All the way from
England I found
The white shores
Of Australia
What a relief
After ten months
Of suspense and drama
I am a qualified sailor
Of the rough seas

A little boy
Picked me up
Handed me to the police
I have a criminal here
He said
Phew I am confused

I was jailed in a cabinet
Until next morning
I was stripped
My message read
To the country
Of Australia
England is your friend
Please reply
In the same way

O God
Here we go again
We are friends


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