Why Some People Hate Pokemon Go

Are you wondering why some people hate Pokemon Go? It seems that peeps either love it or loathe it. I’m not playing because it isn’t compatible with my cell phone, but I’ve been singing the praises of the game for a number of reasons. Some folks despise the mere mention of anything Poke-related, and I have a couple of theories. Maybe I’m right, or maybe I’m wrong, but it doesn’t really matter. I won’t likely change their mind, and they won’t change mine. I’ve witnessed the benefits of playing Pokemon Go, and I’m a big supporter of those who want to play, especially teens and adults. Consider the following reasons for hating one of the most popular game downloads to date, and ask yourself if it’s really a worthless activity. Maybe those who hate it aren’t considering the positive aspects of playing. Others are judgmental and look for any reason to complain.  

Possible Reasons for Hating Pokemon Go 

People Playing Pokemon Go

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  • Disdain for anything popular or trendy 
  • Dislike of cartoon characters and/or fantasy games
  • They’re just no fun!
  • The haters can’t stop posting on Facebook long enough to do anything else
  • Stuck in their ways and/or in a rut 
  • It wasn’t a character from their childhood
  • Non-players are too concerned with what others might think
  • They enjoy complaining and/or publically degrading others that like something different
  • They don’t understand how it’s played or how the accessories work
  • They listen to horror stories, many of which aren’t true
  • They refuse to consider The Benefits of Adults Playing Pokemon Go

Jumping On Social Media to Complain Isn’t a Healthier Activity

It didn’t take long for the haters of Pokemon Go to express their contempt for the game. They use social media to get their point across, and some even made memes that referred to players as lazy and jobless. They apparently think that jumping on Facebook to share their opinion is a healthier and a much more worthwhile activity. Now that’s a useful way to spend time! At least Pokemon Go players aren’t sitting on their computers and/or cell phones all day long while waiting to post passive/aggressive memes and comments. The biggest complainers are also likely snacking and sipping coffee or soda pop while tapping away at the keys. Newsflash! Trips to the bathroom and kitchen and the act of wiping crumbs from the keys don’t count as exercise. Neither is typing. Get the picture?

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The Real Reason Why Some People Hate Pokemon Go

While keeping those lovely images in mind, tell me which activity is truly better. Here are your choices. The first choice is ‘A‘ – Sitting on the computer or cell phone and complaining via social media or ‘B’ – Getting out and exercising. Which one did you choose? If you want to know why some people hate Pokemon Go, it could be because they can’t or won’t move from a seated position. They spend plenty of time in front of a screen, but they’re not exercising anything but their fingers and jaws. Others just can’t pull themselves away from their activities of choice, which of course are much more sensible and important. In case you weren’t able to imagine the inflection in my voice in that last line, it was purely sarcastic. If you love playing Pokemon Go, keep on playing responsibly and ignore the haters. They will complain anyway.  


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