The Perfect Growler Is Perfect For Beer

Perfect Growler
Brewing beer might be considered an art form for some, but most of us just enjoy the taste. And nothing tastes better to a beer lover than craft beers. But when you’re out and about — be that camping or BBQ’ing in the park etc. — taking along cold ones shouldn’t be relegated to beer bottles and bottle openers. Instead you use a growler — what is basically a high-class, high-end, technically proficient thermos designed to hold beer and keep it cold. Oh, it also holds a lot more beer than just any bottle’s capacity, so that makes it worth taking along. So Grommet’s Perfect Growler begins with the fact that inside is 64oz of brew. But there’s a lot going on to get you from carrying to drinking.

The Perfect Growler has a strong feel to it — probably a result of it not being empty but mostly due to it being made of 18/8 stainless steel, with durable hooks keeping its poly cap closed and sealed and handle with a good heft to it. That dual-cap system is leakproof, btw, and able to take up to 60 PSI of pressure without breaking a sweat. As does the Growler’s body not showing “sweat” or condensation — it stays dry to the touch. But obviously cold, thanks to a double-walled, vacuum insulated construction made to keep whatever its contents are cold for 24+ hours and that means locking in the taste too (go hot and 12+ hours is what you’ll be working with). And if it’s beer what’s inside, you’re looking at a full week of it staying carbonated as long as it’s not opened.

But there’s one problem that needs to be overcome — opening the Growler to pour some beer and then having it go “flat” on you since it’s not going to be all drunk in that one go. That’s where the optional Keg Cap System comes in, and you’ll be liking what it does. The System consists of a cap that replaces the Growler’s cap. It has a gas injection system built into it — powered by a CO2 cartridge— which you activate to remove the air from inside so the beer can stay, well, beer. In this fashion, you can keep the beer fresh for 3-5 days after the Growler’s first been opened and the first drink released. And while many agree that the mere act of opening the Growler and pouring beer from it isn’t going to end until there’s no beer left — there are actually times when it’s believable that a drink or two is all that’s desired. So this system turns the Growler into a “keg” for all practical purposes. So that’s what you can have, providing you’re willing to fork over $35.

The Perfect Growler sizes up at 4.5″ x 6.5″ x 11.7″ and comes in a choice of silver, copper, blue or red. It’s made to last for a long, long time, helped along by it being dishwasher safe for cleaning. And as you probably guessed a long time back, it’s BPA safe. That’s what you get for $74.00, leaving you plenty of cash for getting the beer that you’ll be filling it up with.

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