Perhaps the Journey Will Become Easier

Some are on a journey and not a smooth one either. Some journeys consist of a lot of pain, heartache, and pressure. There will be a lot of adversity on the journey. Of course the travel won’t be easy but worth going through every bit of pain. There will be “abundance” but one must be willing to hang in there. Refusing to give up no matter what occurs. There will be a lot of resistance not all will be pleased witnessing others make changes and elevating. 

No matter how many arrows are pointing in the travelers direction the attacks shouldn’t be a reason to stop. Some may not have enough confidence to even start. due to so many behaving like crabs some are afraid to try. Takes a lot of courage to live a dream “to pursue.” If there’s no risk then there will be a lot of regret. There has to be some moves. Although the journey may seem as if it’s going rather slowly. No need to worry because eventually you’ll get there. 

There will be all sort of processes. Some will have one wonder if the challenges will ever end. Eventually the challenges will fade. We all must go through the storms. Not a person alive hasn’t been or going through some sort of adversity. For some the journey wasn’t so long but for others it may seem like a lifetime before they’ll reach their “destination.” 

Some will travel a “journey” and rise and then something occurs where there’s a fall. A fall is a way to get back up again. Some become discouraged when a fall occurs. The fear of failure may leave so many immobilized. There will be setbacks in fact there will be many setbacks. Delays and all sorts of mishaps. There’s a lot to learn that’s for sure. 

Every step is success. Every person is “successful” in some way. Of course there’s many definitions of success. As long as a person believes there will be an end result then there will be. Having confidence in self is very important. No matter what anyone has to say it’s very important to keep believing. Of course it may be difficult to not respond to some of the negativity but the key is to remain focused. If there comes a time when one gets off course then the person should get back on course immediately. 

Once there’s a cease. A person may not want to try again. It’s better to take breaks when necessary but don’t give up. If there’s continuous movements then there will be a finalization. It’s not what people say that really matters. It’s what we believe. No one can walk the journey but the person who’s on the mission. Some will try to tag along of course but the one who decided to walk the journey is the one who needs to get there. Where is there some may ask? There is “Somewhere.”

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“The Grass is Greener and Will Continue to Grow. No Giving up Here.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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