Periscope and Building my Brand(s)

the kerrie show

building my “brand” using Periscope

I’m being a little self-deprecating saying I have a “brand” to build, let alone more than one. 

I am an only child who grew up being told by my parents, “Okay, enough talking. This is not The Kerrie Show.” I love to talk, and I love attention. Mostly, though, I love to make people laugh and I love to share information in a fun way.

Enter Periscope. I’ve been having a blast with social media for a long time, but I just got a smartphone last spring at the ripe age of 43. Since then I entered the worlds of Instagram and Facebook Check-In and Snapchat and now Periscope. I do have a blog, a book, articles and sell makeup and nail wraps. So what do I want to focus on with Periscope?

Look, I still don’t have it all figured out. This is NOT an informational article. I just want to share how much fun it is to start a broadcast and know that people all over the world can see what you are doing. Here are a few tips I have found useful so far with my limited knowledge and fan base:

  1. Have a great broadcast title. Already I see titles like “hanging out with my dog” and “at the pool.” Okay, so “at the pool” was my title from before I figured out how this thing worked. It was a boring title for a boring video. Forget that. Moving on. Live and learn. Now, “my wife’s booby” got like a zillion hits and had a high retention rate. There was no nudity (of course I went to watch it!) but still it got a lot of traffic … which kind of just goes to show what kind of things we are looking for online! I’m going to be coming up with titles in my sleep tonight; stuff like “Naked” and then show one of those Naked brand juices and then go into my monologue.
  2. Post something helpful, not just you laying around waxing poetic. I get way more views when I’m being goofy while cooking something that doesn’t turn out that great than when I just sit there being me. I also post things about writing. I know a little bit about a lot of things and am not afraid to share.
  3. Try to look decent and interested and flip the camera to yourself and back to the world. You are on live TV all over the world, not on Skype with your best friend.
  4. Engage with those leaving comments. You’ll see those pop up and you can say hi. It’s like Romper Room on crack.
  5. Be yourself but be professional. For me that means trying not to cuss. It’s hard.
  6. Use Periscope for good. If you have a blog or book, plug it at the end. I am trying to remember to end my broadcasts with something like “Come and see me at”

Follow some or all of my tips above and soon you will be having the most fun you have ever had with your clothes on!


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