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Today I opened my Facebook newsfeed to find a post from a fellow writer that said that Personal Paper will be closing up soon.  Some of you might think I’d be glad to see this because they are our competition.  But I’m not – really.  

Why wouldn’t I be glad to see yet another site that is similar to ours that is going to have to close up?

Because Persona Paper was the one pay-per-view site that I could still recommend to writers that do not have an Adsense account. The people that have been running the site are good people.  They had the best of intentions.  They were writers – just like us. They communicated with their writers and they believed that writers should be treated well – just like us.

Unfortunately, they found that the pay-per-view model just wasn’t something that could be sustained in the long run.  They did their best and I give them props for that.

Now, for writers of Persona Paper, I understand that a lot of you were there because you don’t have an Adsense account.  If that is your situation, I can’t offer you anything that other sites can’t except for a place to write with a great community.  If you’re just looking for a place to express your opinion and you’re not concerned with earning at this point, you are welcome here (but after you join and have been writing for awhile, ask us how we might be able to help you get an Adsense account).  And, you can use affiliate programs to earn money, while you write, too (see further down the article for more info).

Benefits of Adsense

If you DO have an Adsense account, I’d like to invite you to come writer here, at Daily Two Cents.  We have a friendly, casual environment.  Personal bloggers are welcome.  We have a wide variety of categories to choose from and we are always there (in our Facebook group or in the forum) to help you figure out how to use our platform.

There are definitely benefits to using Adsense.  When you use Adsense for your earnings on a writing site, you know that you are the only one that benefits from your hard work.  Your ads appear on your posts 75% of the time (our ads appear only 25% of the time).  That means that the harder you work, the more consistent you are, the more engaging you are with your readers, the more you will profit from that.  

It also means that even if the site should close down (which it won’t – we are constantly working on improving things and we have good knowledge of SEO and running a site and using ads and being a multi-site network means that other sites that are doing well will always support the sites that are not doing quite so well – it’s like an insurance policy!) you will still get paid what you’ve earned via Adsense.  Those earnings will never be taken from you!

Another advantage of Adsense is that you can actually earn significantly more when someone clicks on an ad in your post.  Some clicks might be worth only pennies.  Other clicks can be worth $1 and much more.  It all depends on the topics you writer about and the ads that appear on your posts.  You have more control over this because if you learn about what kinds of topics advertisers pay more for, you can earn more.  This is something you can control, to a degree.  Learn and educate yourself and you can profit more!

What Can We Offer Writers?

Front End Publishing

If you’ve  hesitated to join our sites in the past because you’re not fond of the WordPress platform, don’t let that stop you. We do have a simpler option to add posts.  Writer’s can use the front end publishing system that allows you to skip the WordPress platform and add posts quickly and easily. It’s accessible through the front of the site by hovering over the Writer’s link in the navigation menu and then over the Profile link that appears.  You just click on Add a Post.  It’s only accessible to writers that are logged in.  But it’s easy to use and those who don’t want to learn WordPress can enjoy it.

Harlow-McGaw Media Logo 250×250Involved Owners

One of the thing that Persona Papers writers loved was the communication and the direct involvement of the owners of the site.  We offer that, too.  Michelle and I are involved in day to day concerns of our writers all the time.  We spend a lot of time in the Facebook group offering help and assistance to writers.  We try to provide blog posts on our blog that help writers learn and do better with their writing.  We have a Learning Center where many of your questions can be answered.  We are always there.

And like with Persona Paper, Michelle and I are both writers.  We know what it takes to be successful and we listen to your concerns.  We are the writing site that is for writers, owned by writers.

Editors and Moderation

We also have a team of editors that go through every post on the site.  They help you improve SEO (an important factor if you want your posts to be found in search engines) for both your benefit and for the benefit of the site.  They help you improve grammar and spelling (because wouldn’t you rather an editor pointed it out than a reader?).  They are kind and knowledgeable and they work hard to make sure you are at your best and our site is the best it can be.

That means you won’t find posts filled with spam. You won’t find posts that are so horribly written that you’re embarrassed to admit that you write here.  

Fun and Interesting Tools

We know that readers are more engaged when they have something more than text to look at.  So, to make your articles more interesting we offer:

  • a recipe module
  • an easy way to add videos
  • the Pixabay tool so you can easily add photos
  • a review module so you can add reviews of items you have used (called “book review” in the WordPress editor but it can be used for any item)
  • polls

Earn More!


And if that’s not enough, you can earn more by utilizing affiliate programs. Of course, Amazon is most popular but you can use affiliate links from other programs, too.  You can have one link per 200 word post or two links if your post is 400 words or longer so why not use an affiliate link that leads readers to a product that you believe in and give them the opportunity to buy?  This can increase your earnings substantially.  There are several writers in our network of sites that are using this method and earning money.

Of course, if you prefer, you can also use those links to direct people back to your own blog or website.

New Writers Welcome at Daily Two Cents

If you are saddened by the loss of Persona Paper but need to find a new place for your writer, you’re welcome here.  We do have some requirements so please take some time to read the FAQ. If you’ve decided that you’d like to write on our site you can fill in the application (we do require 3 sample – either links or 3 posts you’d like to publish) and you’ll hear from us within a couple days.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments and I’ll respond as soon as possible!

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