Philippine Solihiya Weave Pattern for Rattan Furniture

The solihiya weave is a very popular pattern in the Philippines. This weave design is commonly seen on wooden furniture such as rocking chairs, beds, long chairs, and lounge chair sets. This design  spans centuries from the time of the Spanish colonial period.  Originally, rattan material is used. The strips are split into thin strands and woven into an intricate sunburst design. An alternative and cheaper material made of plastic is used nowadays.rattan

I have fond memories of weaving solihiya. My dad taught us how to do it. Many years back, our neighbor decided to renovate their house and got rid of their beds: one queen sized collapsible bed made and a double deck bed all made of Philippine narra wood. Because these will be thrown away, my parents asked if we can have these beds instead. My dad bought several pounds of plastic solihiya materials and we replaced the damaged rattan woven parts with the plastic ones.  The beds served us for 3 more decades until we gave them away.

The image here shows part of the back rest of one of our living room chairs. The lounge set is a typical classic combination of solihiya and Philipine narra wood.


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the image belongs to the writer Athena Goodlight and cannot be used without permission

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