Some Automated Phone Responses Are Annoying

The Case Of Automated Phone Responses.

There are some phone voice messages that do annoy me. They normally enter into my nerves that I feel like excommunicating somebody. The person who designed these automated voice answers should have their heads examined. Did they go bananas?

‘The mobile subscriber cannot be reached’.

This seems to be one of the automated phone responses.This response annoys me like hell. Imagine I was not trying to reach the phone owner. To the contrally. I was only calling them to talk to them. I may have had an important message to pass to them. Why can’t they say that the call cannot go through as the mobile owner has either switched off or out of mobile network.

‘The number you have dialed is out of service’.

This is another annoying message. I did not want to find out if the mobile phone was in service or not. They continue to tell me to leave a voice message. My intention was not to leave a voice message but to have a conversation with them. To make matters worse they do call them mobile phone subscribers.

How Did These Automated Responses Come By?

Do you also get annoyed with these voice messages? They normally are automated which makes me more mad. I wish it was a human being so that I could argue with them. Being women also stops me out of my tracks. How did such automated messages come by?

Are These Automated Responses Necessary?

These automated responses are very necessary because they help you not to ring for lengthly periods of time without knowing the nature of the person you are calling. The phone owners are also informed you tried to call when they switch their phones on. Technology has assisted much. It has made it possible to have ease in communication. Do you agree?

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