Pine Needle Craft from Baguio City

Nature always provides us with bountiful materials to work on. While going around a local arts and crafts store in Baguio City, I saw these round handicraft items made of pine needles. Being known as The City of Pines, these pine needles, instead of just piling up on the city streets and forest floor, are being recycled by locals into functional works of art. baguio pine pot base


This one is a pot rack, which was priced at Php 35 (barely a dollar) sold at souvenir shops. Its strands, securely tied into place and shaped like a flat spiral, effectively dissipates heat. It is even better then the silicone pot rack we have been using. After a year of using this item, it still has not been deformed by the heavy pots and dishes placed on it. 








image is mine


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