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Millions of Pinterest accounts have been created by personal users, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, businesses, and various other entities that all daily collect and circulate thousands of pins.  If you really want to maximize the pinning process, then take advantage of the Pinterest analytics tool. The statistical data is invaluable.

Received an email communication today that started with the exclamation “Woohoo!” That word is a real attention grabber. Immediately clicked to see what the excitement was all about. There was good reason for the shout! My Pinterest account reflected 213 REPINs. That being said, there was an additional link for me to see more analytics. The information reveals a lot to me and should help me plan my pinning to get better results. A review of the statistics confirmed the following:

  • RE: Specific pins – most of my visitors enjoy the pins about legends or myths; art; and recipes.
  • RE: Pinterest boards – the five most popular collections are Legends and Myths; Education; Home Decor; Recipes; and Artists.

A few years back, Pinterest developers introduced a feature they called “rich pins” mainly for businesses, but also available to home business entrepreneurs, people who sell on Etsy, etc. There are 6 types of rich pins: app, article, movie, recipe, product and place. Currently maintaining 50+ boards (including group boards); and whether examining the boards or specific pins it was evident that the rich pins clearly attract viewers.

  • Are you on Pinterest?

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