A Memorial Garden – In Memory Of

How do you work through grief and keep a memory of someone you love ever present? By planting a memorial garden:  “In Memory Of”.


Have seen many a beautiful memorial garden, but never thought to plant one of my own. What a perfect way to work through one’s grief when you lose a loved one. Read an article written by a friend ( Sylvia Mayfield aka boutiqueshops – article is now unpublished) who says that when her mother died, one of the first things she did was plant a garden with transplants from her mother’s garden. How beautiful!! Just the thought of it is beautiful, but the manifestation of your love for the dearly departed in the form of a lovely garden created from their garden must bring indescribable comfort and helps to heal the broken heart of a grieving person. My mother loved to garden. She was especially particular about tending the rose bush in the center of our front yard. Alas! The home of my youth is no longer there. It was torn down and turned into a parking lot. Wish I had thought of it, at the time.

Memorial Garden, Omagh 2006 Sheila Fitzgerald via Flickr

Image credits: Sheila Fitzgerald via Flickr; Featured Image: Pixabay.com

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