Planting Vegetables at the End of the Year

A few weeks back, I took some time to plant some vegetable seeds in the backyard. We do mostly just container gardening when planting vegetables due to limited space. But I’m happy with it and ever thankful that we are able to grow our own food. I have planted okra, eggplants, tomatoes and finger chili. The seeds germinated in about a week or so and now we have tiny seedlings sprouting from the pots.

Growing vegetables from containers is the way to go if you live in a small space or in the city. We live in a provincial city and are blessed with volcanic soil. We also use premixed soil and make our own organic compost.

If the seedlings survive the first month, they will bear fruits at the start of 2015. How awesome that would be! In the meantime, we wait and continue to water our vegetable seedlings at least twice a day.

Do you enjoy planting vegetables, too? 

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Image credit: avantred / Pixabay  

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