Please Don’t Shoot the Horses Ever Again!

Horses are powerful magnificent creatures. It is no wonder that breeders and investors prize them as great wealth.

Want to hear a very sad story about horses?

Growing up in my home, we always had a lot of reading material. Books. Magazines. Newspapers. Encyclopedias. Dictionaries. Bibles. If my recollection is accurate, we had a set of books about animals. Each book was devoted to a specific animal. A book about dogs, all kinds or breeds; a book about cats, etc. It was the book about horses that captivated me the most. Horses! Majestic creatures, aren’t they??

The horse was brought to the Native Americans by way of the Spanish Conquistadores. Horses completely changed the way of life for the American Indians. They learned to how to tame these beasts of burden and used them for transportation, for hunting, and for war. The Comanches were the fiercest of the mounted warriors. Their allies were the Kiowa and Cheyennes. So impressively skilled were they as equestrians that they were called “horse tribes”. Per historical records, they were just a little bit too good! When the white settlers – i.e. the U.S. Army – finally captured them, along with their families, it wasn’t enough just to accept their surrender. The military apparently took out their anger and vengeance on the horses. They slaughtered the horses. Thousands of them!! They shot them!!!

This information above was extracted from an article published in the National Geographic. The writer supplied extremely vivid details of two grim and gruesome incidents. One that occurred in 1874 and another in 1875. Besides the horrific cruelty of the acts, the stupidity of taking such an action is stupendous!! Idiots!! Those animals were were worth a fortune!!!

In today’s money – a ballpark price for a mustang horse is $2500 to $3500. If you shoot 6000 of them you just threw away $1.5 to $2.1 million dollars! What’s that? It isn’t that much money? Really? When was the last time you refused cash of a mere $2500? That’s right! You wouldn’t turn down a thousand dollars, much less a million!!! 😕 

On the happy side, the article is complemented with marvelous photographs of horses that were a reminder of the book from my childhood. Was hoping to see a picture of my favorite – the gold palomino. There was a picture labeled “American quarter horse” which looked very similar. All in all, it was a fascinating read!


Reference:  Quammen, David. “People of the Horse.” National Geographic: Mar. 2014: 104-127. Print. NGM.COM – Photographs by Erika Larsen.

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© Photographer: Palomino Horses – Gailshumway | Agency:

November is Native America Heritage Month in the USA.

Indian Nations of North America

Indian Nations of North America


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