Pocket Square – What accentuates your Party Personality?

There is simply something about the pocket square, isn’t it? Tucked away ever so neatly in your party blazer’s breast-pocket, the pocket square’s ostentatious position above the heart arrests attention like it should. And fashionistas don’t complain about this flamboyance at all. After all, it is as close a man can get to wearing his heart on his sleeve.

As it is known, a pocket square is the very definition of personalization. If you go online in your search for the perfect one to grace your ensemble you can check out the fabulous collections of trendy apparel portals like PostFold that stock many such varieties. A pocket square comes in so many colours, prints, designs, and fabrics, that it often gets overwhelming to choose one. Add to that the motley of folding styles for the accessory, and you are staring at something unique that you can wear the way you want.

Perfect for the party, a pocket square can be a clever nod to your personality at the affair. Here’s what different pocket squares convey at the party:

The Floral Pattern for the Flamboyant

Floral Pattern for the Flamboyant

The lively personality at a party knows how to flaunt it well. The colour red is an eternal symbol of romance and adds a touch of extravagance to the floral print pocket square shown here. For the best look, team this pocket square with a blue two-piece suit, a white shirt, and brogues.

The Geometrical Print for the Sophisticated

Geometrical Print for the Sophisticated

Neatness and a love for geometric designs is a sign of a focused mind. That is exactly the personality of a man who wears this geometrical print pocket square to his next party. The person who likes to have class and a no-nonsense approach to style. The 100% silk material instantly gives off its superior quality, and the light hue goes well with a navy two-piece suit and a white shirt.

The Triangular Polka for the Fun Loving

Triangular Polka for the Fun Loving

This pocket square that experiments with polka dot-styled triangular motifs on a soft blue background will be the ideal one for a fun-loving personality. In case you’re wondering if pocket squares only go well with extremely formal attire, then wearing them on a casual blazer with T-shirts for men works well too.

The Plaid Patterned for the Laidback

Plaid Patterned for the Laidback

If you want to be the image of nonchalance and cool at a party, then pair this black and green plaid pocket square with a semi-formal suit and a tee underneath. The casual feel and subtle colours ensure that you never look like you are trying too hard, yet stand out in your own way.

The Intricate Motif One for the Mysterious

Intricate Motif One for the Mysterious

This meticulously designed wine coloured pocket square adds a layer of intrigue to your overall ensemble and personality. A dark-coloured pocket square with such an intricate pattern points towards a mysterious personality and would go well with a light-coloured suit.

Thus, a pocket square often comes to define a man’s personality quite decidedly.  The above-mentioned list was curated from the collection by PostFold, an online portal known for its emphasis on ethical fashion and designer quality apparel, right from sweatshirts for men to dresses for women. So, which pocket square are you wearing to your next party?

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