Poem: Soul Photography

300px Eastman Kodak model B Poem: Soul Photography

English: Eastman Kodak model B (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A faded picture.
Four years old, pigtails
bobbing messily,
a jumping for joy grin,
freckles jitterbug across
her nose.
Purple pants, red kilt
- a winning
when you’re four.

A portrait of a real life cartoon.
Patchwork flannel nightgown
bunched up around
bony, tree-climbing, bruised knees.
Freckles warmed by
a blanket of marshmallows.
Eyes reflect fire’s

School portraits.
Visions of sock hops swim
under blue mascara-ed lashes.
A flirtatious smile for
the boy behind the photographer.
Trading pictures with

A mental Kodak moment.
Leather biker’s jacket,
ripped jeans, dirty high-tops.
Sitting in an almost
empty lounge, blurred view of the
traffic jam on Osborne.
A deceitful beer
in hand.

A black and white pose.
Hair cropped in
cool sophistication.
Knowledge flickers in
the jaded green
of her eyes.
Rebellion has been replaced.

A carefully framed image.
Two hearts side by side.
Fields of progress
grow in the background.
Fresh buds of amour
are entwined in her hair.

Her groom stands tall
in a suit of 100% pure devotion.

A new roll of film begins.

© Danielle Gibbings

 Poem: Soul Photography

 Poem: Soul Photography
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 Poem: Soul Photography
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