Poetry Potpourri 3: Random Rhymes

What differentiates cold from cool,
fan from fool

What, why, who?

Was curious first, but soon learned to hate it.
Same thing.

So what’s your story?
Is it an excuse?

Do you feel you consented to your schooling?
And other ruses.

Time to exit like Brexit.
From this world.

I enjoy greatly rhyme.

A crime, I suppose.

Look. I go to the gym.
Should looks matter?

Shatter pitter patter.

It’s wrong to write from the heart these days
It’s wrong to get along with those we say.
It’s wrong to do what we don’t say.
Step back or we’ll bite.


When I played D&D,
almost always was good and lawful.
A tool.
I’m good, but chaotic
in D&D terms.
What of this world?




Writing the poetry you hate
since 2008.
Not really.
Costco slave

So how’s it been?
Should I care, try to fit in?

Rulers don’t really have titles.
These days.
Just claim they’re entitled.
In whatever way.

But I don’t mind those.

Don’t pretend to be my friend and try to control.

Core, bone, chase.
Cut to it.
No lies no face.
Truth is no disgrace.

Images from Pixabay.

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