Poetry Potpourri 5: New Seattle Shadow, etc.


the “elephant in the room.”
Ha ha, but it’s true.
And stringing them together
makes a hit young “country” tune!

So you program, really well at Amazon
or wherever.
You eat tapas and get drunk with other cliche wimps.
In places with names like “The Loopy Lizard Wine Bar and Brick-Fire Bistro, gluten-free.”

And think you freaking know it all, don’t you?
Ruining lives with a smile, many.

Washing the city a safe and comfortable White,
I’m sure unknowingly
while you parrot rhetoric from memes.
But socially and environmentally, oh so consciously.

Cornel West’s viral words spew as you chase most dark-skinned people right out of town, dude,
but still, of course, support “diversity.”

Your “Black friends” might attest.

Kudos, you’ve got a silk suit.
Though you spend your unofficial time as a phony hipster bro-dude.
In debt with tons of income too.
Ever read a book?

I’m sure you can afford your studio’s $3k rent.

, Corporate


OK. So now it’s garbage time.

ToiletI’ve got to write at least 200 words to obey the reasonable Daily Two Cents rules.

My tribute to Seattle “bros” wasn’t enough.

People, it’s not that tough.

Just read them.

Read the freaking rules, and I mean it.

I’m sick of people slinging bull.

Your editor.

Just don’t bring yourself to my attention.

Images from Pixabay, fool.

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