Poetry Potpourri 6: Culling, Tacocat, etc.

Being an adult means
“accepting responsibility.”
We are told.
Or accepting labotomy.
Children are out of control.
Be a big boy.
Take your shots and ADD dose,
damage your brain.

Be behaviorally sane…
– A jailor’s troll’s refrain?
Oh yeah, stop thinking.
Wait for headquarters.
Is culling a sin?
They do it by many, many means.

TACOCAT LOVE, Of course.
“Bridge to Hawaii” and
“Crimson Wave” irritate.
“Psychedelic Quinceniera” and
“I Am a Girlfriend,” love.

Sex and drugs.



Seems it’s garbage time again.

I’ve written what I needed.

Why add?

Let me check on how many words are left.

Don’t care much. Writing away.

To make my “literary” quota.

Get fed, a roof, to live like a freak.



OK, on fleek, as millennials might say.

Look it up. Vanity and profanity.

Is there a connection?

Perhaps my next word selection fossilized in pixels.

Might be pause for reflection.

Hope I’ve got around 160 words.

40 more to go.

Weibo v Facebook.

Sounds like a good way to waste words.

And lay waste.

Gonna save and check.

Grab some organic, fair trade, vegan tapas and craft beers,

Just $12 a pop, Seattleite bros. Practically free!

Oh, please.

I’m sick of all the fake dichotomies

pushed by revolting rulers.

Only one real is between them and us.

Images from Pixabay.

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