Poetry Potpourri: Helicoptering, School’s Out, Recruit



Kids, PlayThings I miss.
Milk machines in cafeterias,
not pop machines.
No talk of facial recognition,
surveillance of all us, “free.”
Kids who don’t live on their phones,
who play outdoors.
Who learn the difference between
themselves and the state.
Because that’s what helicoptering
boils down to.
The perfect generation for tyranny.
Let them spend time on their own.
For goodness sake.







School sucks. And school is out for summer.
Bummer we gotta return.
Isn’t that what it’s all about,
getting the slaves to accept their chains?
Don’t tell me the businessman ain’t the same.


Times of trouble,
who do you cling to?
When you cry,
who do you run to?
When you lay down and die,
who lays beside?
Wouldn’t you rather brave death
than risk the wrath of your friends?
Rather be in foreign lands.
Join up. Be a man.

Images from Pixabay.

(WARNING/DISCLAIMER: These are twisted words spawned from the bent brain of a bogus bard. They in no way reflect the views of Daily Two Cents management or owners. Read at the risk of your mental health. Share to lose your friends. And from your family get disowned. Remember. The watchlist of tomorrow means no guns, no fly, no borrow, no buy, no job or soothing lies. No hope. WARNING/DISCLAIMER)

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