Pork Binagoongan: The Dish to Be Feared

Some dishes are meant to be loved and some are meant to be feared. How can this happen? Food is good and it satisfies our palates and relieves our hunger?

This Filipino dish called Pork Binagoongan (pork in shrimp paste stew) is one of the dishes I love to cook. It has always been a big hit among relatives and friends alike.  To achieve the full rich flavor of the dish, I have to cook it slowly using charcoal stove the night before serving to allow the shrimp paste flavor to be absorbed by the meat. It is ready to be enjoyed by lunch time.

Whenever I cook this dish, which is at night time, my hubby avoids going to the kitchen. The aroma of the meat cooking in the rich mixture of shrimp sauce and spices fills the kitchen. He avoids the pork stew for fear that he could not control himself from taking a serving and eat it with a bowl of rice right before sleeping. Regret may follow if he does that. His way of controlling himself is to totally avoid the cooking area the whole night. He would ask me to get water for him if needed just to stay away from that dish the night before its serving.

pork binagoongan

I would conclude that this Pork Binagoongan is a dish to be loved and feared for its goodness. It’s so good, it’s evil.




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