Power On With The AdventureUltra Portable Charging Hub and Inverter

AdventureUltra Portable Charging Hub and Inverter
Battery backups and battery chargers are commonplace — seen one device recharge a phone or tablet and you’ve seen them all, right? But what if the charger had a LOT of power, enough power that it wasn’t restricted to just charging mobile devices and instead could also be used as a portable generator for laptops and LED lights and fans, among other things? Then you’d have something really useful when power is needed. You’d have myCharge’s AdventureUltra Portable Charging Hub and Inverter.

The AdventureUltra is larger than a conventional battery backup, but still small enough to fit easily in a backpack or satchel. Its rechargeable 13,400 mAH battery can handle the power needs of a lot of different things: the two USB-A ports take care of smartphones among others (like Bluetooth speakers), and the USB-C port dedicates itself to small laptops/2-in-1 laptop/tablets and tablets and others where there’s enough juice coursing through to charge up or, in the case of a laptop, both charge and run simultaneously (providing the needed amount of current is under 45 watts).

But these USB ports aren’t the only ones on the AdventureUltra’s surface, nor are they the only ones covered up when not needed. There’s also a standard AC outlet for use with devices such as running a fan for hours, or a LED light or even a 32″ color LED TV. And none of these are being turned on for just a couple of minutes either: everything is being measured in real hours of use.

And shouldn’t it be mentioned that it fast charges, can maintain its battery charge for up to a year (because who remembers to charge a battery unit just before it’s needed?) or has a simplified LCD screen pictographing what is going on within the electronics? Or that you can both charge the AdventureUltra even as it’s providing power to what’s being plugged into it? You get all this for $129.99, which is a real bargain for what it can do and for being there when you need it, before you need it.

The AdventureUltra Portable Charging Hub and Inverter may have one of the biggest battery banks, but it’s less about its minimal weight of about a pound and more about the fact that it provides real power for a lot of different things. So while a battery backup will be helpful in keeping a phone charged while camping, the AdventureUltra will be able to power a LED light so you can see what’s going on in the dark. Or enable you to run a TV during a power failure/outage to keep up with what is going on, or power your cable modem so that the Internet can still be accessed.

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