Praise and be Joyful Because the Breakthroughs Will Surely Come

Mankind can do a lot and there’s no denying of such but want mankind may not realize is that they’re unable to do what God the Heavenly Father can do. No matter how hard they may try there is no way that any person can be God. How can one be God when God Created the Heavens and the Earth? Some may think they’re performing Godly duties but not always the case. God has to be shaking His head at how His children continues to cause destruction. Of course no man or woman will display perfect behavior at all times but each is made in God’s “image” but it’s the world which caused mankind to become so destructive. 

No matter how many trials come through there will come a time when the breakthroughs will arrive. Perhaps not at the times we may expect the breakthroughs to arrive but with continuous faith there will be rewards. Times are certainly tough and perhaps there will be more to come but as long as there’s beliefs that the troubles will go then they will. Attacks of the enemy may continue, especially when it appears as if breakthroughs are near, it’s important to “use the tools” which were given to us by God/Lord.

Mankind will always be disorderly as long as mankind is here. The actions of others should not create a shutdown. No person will be good all the time even the ones who appear to be good have done bad at some point. Of course some days may seem so long with so much occurring. Even the tough days are days in which “gratefulness” should occur. Smiling helps keep the one’s spirits uplifted. There will be periods of darkness but light will shine through.

“Patience is needed in order to receive the blessings that are stored up.” God knows all things. God not only administers discipline but offers blessings and breakthroughs. God/Lord knows when the heart is troubled. God knows when the attacks will arrive and who’s sending out the attacks. The weapons will form but the weapons won’t prosper. There is prosperity even when there’s times of gloom. Today can be filled with trouble but tomorrow there can be sunshine. 

The thoughts are important. Having a lot of negative thoughts can hinder “breakthroughs.” Finding some inspiration will help remove negative thinking. With so many off tune these days there has to be a way to keep some of the minds intact. Staying clear of toxic individuals can help and also is a great way to be blessed further. Being surrounded by hostile environments can cause disturbed behavior. The blessings are hindered when the behaviors are off course. 

“Wait and Continue to Have Faith and Watch the Blessings Pour in.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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