Pre-Employment Education Verification – Why It is Important

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Education verification is an important aspect of the hiring process. More than 50% of resumes of all job applicants contain falsification, according to CareerBuilder, an online career website. It is the primary reason why hiring the right candidate has become a challenging task for employers and hiring managers. Education verification is critical because it is one of the factors that ensure an applicant meets the educational requirements for the position.

Education verification is critical because it can confirm or deny an applicant’s educational qualification. It is an important factor that can determine his capability to perform his job. It works to validate the academic records of job seekers especially those that aim to secure key positions in a company.

Companies that aim to employ only the most qualified should do their homework of checking the background of all job applicants. It is one way of making sure that all the money you to pay for their wages are given to you by way of quality work and output.

Pre-employment education verification is important because:

1. It prevents unnecessary costs and reduces the risks of bad hire.

Hiring the wrong applicant is wasted cost. It makes your company pay for the service of ineffective people who do not have the capability to deliver results you expect.

2. Pre-employment verification works to identify candidates with poor educational background.

The verification process allows you to filter out candidates with below standard education. The absence of this process can deprive you of choosing the most qualified applicant. It may even lead you to hire unqualified individuals who have the tendency to create a mess in your business due to lack of knowledge.

3. It protects business managers and business owners from claims due to someone’s negligence.

Education is the foundation of a person’s capability to make sound business decisions. Hiring individuals who lack educational qualification have the tendency to commit bad decisions. These can lead to claims for damages which could have been avoided. Hiring applicants based solely on their resume and interviews because job applicants can lie. It is always good to verify an applicant’s educational qualification to make sure that you are hiring the best candidate for a job.

Education is a basic requirement for anyone to qualify for a job. It is therefore important for companies and business operators to do employment background check education. It is a simple task that can bring your business great results. It can also prevent you from incurring unwanted costs due to bad decisions committed by unqualified managers.

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