Prevent Acne Breakout with these Four Tips

If being a teen isn’t difficult enough, it’s during those awkward years (or possibly during the tween years) that pimples emerge and add to teenage angst. Help your child make it through these difficult years with fewer facial bumps (neck, shoulder and back acne too) with these tips to pimple-proof your teen.

Warm Water

Tell your teen to always wash his face with warm water and rinse with cool water. Hot water tends to dry out skin and sends a signal to the brain to tell the glands to produce more oil to compensate for the dry skin. Warm water cleans acne-causing oil and debris off of face sufficiently and cool water closes the pores so grime can’t immediately get back in and clog pores.

Blot Skin

Rubbing delicate facial skin with a towel to dry it also irritates it, and irritated skin is more prone to develop pimples. Gently blot skin after washing to prevent irritation.

Hands Off

Does your teen sit with his head propped up in his hand? When the hand touch the skin for a prolonged period of time, the pores are clogged and whatever bacteria is on the hands is being transferred to the facial skin. Tell your teen to keep his hands off his face (no pimple squeezing either).

Vitamin A

If your teen is not eating a diet rich in foods that contain vitamin A, give him a daily supplement to ensure he gets enough. Vitamin A helps combat clogged pores from the inside out. Cantaloupe, carrots, lettuce, sweet potatoes, paprika and cayenne pepper are foods rich in vitamin A.

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